How much do the APIs cost?

Your DWService API account comes with a balance system which you can manage according to your needs. On this balance you can add a certain amount of tickets whenever you need them. Those tickets will enable you to buy channels or agents.

Ticket price: 0.13 USD + Tax (The tax amount depends on your country)

1 agent costs 1 ticket/month (0.13 USD/month)

1 channel costs 30 tickets/month (3.9 USD/month)

Understanding the ticket system

This system enables you to increase or decrease the number of available channels and agents depending on your needs. In short, you just pay for what you really need every month. To learn more about channels and agents, please refer to this page

Scenario example

You have a team of 5 employees and you provide IT support to a company that owns 20 computers. In order to do so, you have built an application in which you make use of the DWService APIs. You start by adding 1000 tickets on your balance.

In order to let your 5 employees assist people, you need 5 channels (30 tickets x 5).
In order to be able to assist everyone in the company you are supervising, you need 20 agents installed on their computers (1 ticket x 20).

It makes a total of 170 tickets each month. Since you started with 1000 tickets, at the end of the month, you will have 830 tickets left.

Pay for what you need...

Each payment is calculated on a monthly basis. However, we'll only bill a pro-rata price if you add an agent or a channel during the course of the month.Therefore if you start your payment on the 15th, we will only bill half of the price until the first day of the following month.

Scenario example

Let's say you are just getting started. On May 2nd you add 500 tickets to your DWService API account balance.

On May 6th you use your balance to get 3 channels
1 channel costs 30 tickets
Since you got 3 channels, the plain cost is 90 tickets
However, because you started on May 6th we calculate the cost with a pro rata:

31 days: 90 tickets
25 days: 73 tickets

On May 31st you have 427 tickets left on you balance (500 tickets - 73 tickets)
On June 1st, your balance will automatically decrease by 90 tickets. And you will pay for the whole month.
At the end of the month, you will have 337 tickets left on your balance

...when you need it

The DWService API ticket system is flexible enough to suit your needs and follow the growth of your activity. You can add a channel or an agent anytime and the billing will adapt itself. This enables you to smoothly grow your work team or your clients basis.

Scenario example

Let's take the first example again.
You start the month of June with 5 employees providing IT support. On June 15th you decide to hire a 6th employee. Therefore you need a 6th channel. Here is what happens:

  • On June 1st, you pay your regular 150 tickets tickets for 5 people (30 tickets x 5)
  • On June 15th, you will pay a 6th channel at a prorata of the month: 15 tickets for half a month or 15 days.
  • On July 1st, you will pay 6 channels for the entire month: 180 tickets.

This principle works in the same way with agents.
Let's say the company you assist goes from 20 people to 50 people on June 20th

  • On June 1st, you pay your regular 20 tickets for 20 agents (1 ticket x 20).
  • On June 20th, you'll pay 30 more agents at a prorata of the month: 10 tickets. (1 ticket for 30 people equals 30 tickets per month but only 10 tickets for 10 days).
  • On July first, you will pay 50 agents for the entire month: 50 tickets.